For creating the Facebook Messenger Bulk Campaign in EasySendy Pro social, in this you can post the newsletter on Facebook page profile, from there you can exclude the  people those you don’t want show that to your particular person. For the creating the Facebook Messenger Bulk Campaign, follow the below steps.


Step 1:- Login to EasySendy Pro account, At the right side of the EasySendy Pro dashboard, Click on Social.

Step 2:- Click on Facebook Campaigns >> Create New campaign. Here select the Create Custom Campaign.

Step 3:- If you have lead in Facebook social page then you search the lead as per given field. If you any lead in you social page then after you able to create New Campaign for post new news feed on Facebook page. If you list then select lead from lead list as per given page and create the new campaign.

Step 4:- Step 3:- Enter the all required field and Submit Campaign.

 Step 5:- Once you will submit the campaign, the campaign will be posted on Facebook page.