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How To Use SMS Dashboard?

With the recent release of new version 3.0 of EasySendy Pro, we have launched a new feature of Sending campaigns via SMS. So once you are logged with your EasySendy Pro account and after clicking on SMS Dashboard, your SMS Dashboard will be displayed like this:

At the top of the SMS Dashboard your Company Name will be displayed:-

SMS Dashboard Summary Areas
Under the SMS Dashboard there are 3 summary areas:-
Subscribers – This contains several other features for creating subscriber, sms subscriber and sms webforms etc.
Campaigns – This has different sub tabs which performs other work.
Delivery Settings – This tab defines the setting of sms delivery settings.

The remaining summary areas allows you to quickly view all current activity with respect to what you recently did Subscriber , Unsubscribers, Campaigns, Webforrms and Overall Application Stats.

How To Setup SMS Delivery Setting?

It is very simple and easy to do the set up of SMS Delivery Settings, for this one need to have the account on Twilio and need to buy the number for sending the campaigns. Here we have defined a simple steps of sms delivery settings.

Follow below steps for SMS Delivery Setting:
1. Register and Login to your EasySendy Pro account.
2. Register and Login to your Twilio account.
3. Now in EasySendy Pro account, Go to SMS Dashboard > Delivery Setting.

 4. Application Setting:
Twilio Account sid – Here you have to fill your Twilio Account Sid (Username).
Twilio Account Token – This is a password, you can find the Auth Token in the Console dashboard of Twilio hidden behind a bunch of dots. Click on these dots to get the Twilio Auth Token.
Admin Phone Number – Required users Authentic and active Contact Number.
SMS Twilio Time Zone – Select the time zone for sending the sms campaigns.
Double Opt-in –  Select the check box according to your requirement.
Append Text/Opt-out Message – Message you want to send when user do not want the SMS.
New Application User Email Message – The email to the user.

5. After performing all the above step, drag the cursor down and click on “Save” tab.

How to upload / create new SMS List?

Go to EasySendy Pro SMS Dashboard.
Click on “Subscriber” and choose “Create New Subscriber”.

Now, you can add the subscriber manually, fill all the entries and click on “Save” button.
To upload the file select “Upload CSV” on the right corner of screen ( A sample CSV file ).

In the new modal window, select the campaign for which you want to upload the list and upload the file.

Finally click on “Import” button.

How to use SMS Webforms?

Go to EasySendy Pro SMS Dashboard.

Select Subscribers > SMS WebForms.

Click on “Create New” .

Fill all the initial entries in next page and click on “Save” button.


After you have created this Webform; you will get Webform code, which you can embed on website, from where you can collect SMS subscriptions.

How to create SMS Campaigns?

Go to EasySendy Pro SMS Dashboard.

Click on Campaigns > Create SMS Campaigns or SMS Campaign.

Fill all the initial entries and click on “Save” button

Add the Keyword which will be matched with the sent SMS from the end subscriber; and this will trigger this campaign.

You can also schedule the SMS campaign.

How To Buy Numbers For Sending SMS?

Depending on use case, users may need different types of phone numbers that provide different capabilities. Users(you) may want to get a toll free number for your business so your callers can reach you for free, or you may want to get SMS-enabled mobile numbers in Europe to send messages to your customers around the world for this you need to buy a number from Twilio.

Follow below step to buy numbers for sending SMS:

1. To buy numbers for sending SMS, you need to have an account on Twilio and EasySendy Pro.
2. Go to your EasySendy Pro SMS dashboard.

3. Select “Delivery Setting” and then go to “Buy numbers” page.
4. Choose the “country” and “buy number” option. Select the number of your choice as given below in same page and click on “Buy” option.

5. You can check the number either in your Twilio account or under SMS dashboard > delivery settings > buy number > existing users.

How To Use SMS Reports?

With the new version release of EasySendy Pro with many new features including SMS, here we are defining the steps to check sms report. Inside SMS report you will get to know your previously sent SMS campaign status at one glance such as “FROM”, “To”, “SENT DATE” etc.

You will be able to check these statuses under “SMS Reports”. Go to EasySendy Pro SMS Dashboard > Campaigns > SMS Reports.

Note: You will see these report once you have successfully started using SMS feature of EasySendy.

How to create Bulk SMS Campaign?

Go to EasySendy SMS Dashboard.
Click on “Campaign” and Select “Bulk SMS” option.

Create the message and click on “Save” button.
Now, click on “Send” button present at the bottom of screen.

In the new modal window, select the type of SMS you want to send:-

From Number – With which number you want to send the SMS
Select Group – To the group to whom you want to send the campaign
Select Number – Number on which you want to send SMS campaign

From Number – With which number you want to send the SMS
Date Range – On which date you want to send the SMS
Select Group – To the group to whom you want to send the campaign

SMS List View

Go to EasySendy Pro SMS Dashboard.

Select Subscribers > SMS Subscribers.

Here you will get the details/List of all your subscribers.



To create the list follow