When you have sent / scheduled an email campaign from EasySendy Pro, you will see “Pending-sending” status for the email campaign under Campaign Dashboard.


This “Pending-sending” status comes because of following reasons:

  1. You have scheduled an email campaign which will be sent in future.
  2. Email Delivery Server is not configured properly.

How to fix Pending-sending Status of Email Campaign?

If you have scheduled an email campaign which will be sent in future, than, this status will change to “Sent” after your campaign will be sent successfully.

If you have not scheduled an email campaign and sending the campaign immediately, also, can see this status even after 2 minutes, then there may be an issue with your Email Delivery Server. To fix this issue check following:

  1. You have at least one delivery server active under Delivery Servers > Server Settings for EasySendy Pro account. Follow this guide on delivery server validation and activation.
  2. Check your SMTP relay server accounts individually, they should not have blocked or de-activated your account from sending emails.
  3. Check your SMTP relay server accounts individually, you have properly configured and verified your email / domain names accordingly, from which you will deliver emails.

Incase, above mentioned fixes does not work, then, you can raise support ticket from your EasySendy Pro dashboard.

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