When you use EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) and configure a delivery server, it automatically integrates bounce and complaint webhooks with corresponding SMTP email relay.

When there is any email bounce ( soft or hard bounce ) of subscriber emails from your email list; then corresponding delivery server informs your EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) account list, and your bounced email gets blacklisted from your email list.

This email blacklisting is Global for all EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) customers. The blacklisted email will get marked as blacklisted under all of your existing email lists.

Your subscriber emails get blacklisted from the Delivery Server because of continues history of emails hard and soft bounces.

How to remove emails from the email blacklist?

First, you need to raise a support ticket from your EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) mentioning a list of all emails which you want to get removed from EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) Global email blacklist.

After this request, our team will go through all the submitted emails from your end and verify them with the real existence of those emails. After they confirm the proper working of the submitted email list; then, the emails are removed from Global email blacklist.

Finally, after above confirmation, as EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) customer you will have to manually re-confirm those emails from your email list again to enable sending further email campaigns.