Email pre-header is an effective way to make your email campaign templates land in inbox rather than spam. Here we are going to let you know that what is pre-header and how it can be used.

  • What is email pre-header?
  • Advantages of using email pre-header
  • How to add pre-header to your email template?

What is Email Pre-Header?

Email pre-header is a summarized text followed by subject line when an email is viewed. It should be simple and understandable, so that when people will open an email, it will raise the email open rate, click rate and reduce spam complaints.

People may also know pre-header as “Johnson Box“. After From Name, Subject Line, pre-header is the third item which subscribers see while viewing an email.
email pre-header

Pre-header can mean the difference between someone who is opening the email and archiving it, so most probably you want it to be meaningful.

Pre-header is very important now-a-days as many mobile devices, desktop and web email clients display the first line of text along with the subject line.

Advantages of Using Email Pre-Header.

Adding a good email pre-header in email marketing campaign will make it more effective and help to increase email open rate, click rate, reduces the spam rate.

It does not have a character limit because number of characters displayed varies depending on the email client.

How to add pre-header to your email template?

You can easily add pre-header to your email template inside EasySendy Pro, for this you have to do few easy steps :

First of all create an email campaign.

Then under campaign template, create the template and click on source option, inside source you will get the source code of your campaign, after <body> tag in your HTML code add the pre-header which you want as :


<span class=”preheader”>This is email pre-header text</span>


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