You can easily merge / sync multiple email lists of yours into one single email list from your EasySendy Pro dashboard. Inorder to do this, follow the steps mentioned here:

1. Goto Email List > List Tools from your EasySendy Pro dashboard left menu.

2. Click on “Sync” button and a new pop-up will appear.

3. Inside new pop-up you can select “Primary List” and “Secondary List”, then, select following:

  • Action on missing subscribers – What actions to take when a subscriber is found in the primary list but not in the secondary list
  • Action on duplicate subscribers – What actions to take when same subscriber is found in both lists
  • Action when distinct subscriber status – What actions to take when same subscriber from primary list has a distinct status in the secondary list

4. Finally, click on “Sync” button, and the the process of email syncing will start on next screen, stay on the same screen, till the process ends.


Similarly you can follow the merging / syncing of other email lists into one, of your choice.

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