Number of times, you see that your campaigns have high bounce rate or see your email campaigns are not delivered yet, resulting in zero open rate and finally you see the “GIVEUP” status in email campaign processed status.

You can view this issue by following options, Select any existing campaign, and click Campaign Overview option.

In Next page, click on “Recipients” number, to see  the status of your email campaigns.

And the finally, Processed Status should look like this

Following are some of the reasons for “GIVEUP” state:

  1. In very first step you should confirm that your SMTP delivery servers are in active state. If not follow this guide.
  2. If you are using Amazon SES; then this issue happens when your account gets suspended. For this; confirm with your Amazon SES account in given region. If your account is not in suspended state, then delete your existing SES account from EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) delivery server and configure a fresh account.
  3. If this issue is happening with other delivery servers; then confirm with your delivery server SMTP provider that you are allowed to send outgoing mails from your pre-configured sending domain name.
  4. Configure email sending domain with proper SPF, DKIM, DMARC, Google Postmasters and proper MX mailbox. A detail about these can be found here:
  5. If you have Amazon SES account; then you have been granted Amazon SES Production access?
  6. Re-confirm with your SMTP delivery server provider that you are not crossing any speed and email delivery limit on per hour and per day limit.
  7. Sometimes, it happens because of hard and soft bounce but there may be other reasons too.