Inside EasySendy Pro dashboard you may observe slow email sending speed, in this case you can investigate following settings:

Did you limit per hour email sending limit?

If you have added email sending limit in your delivery server setup, then the campaign will go according to that speed from EasySendy Pro to your email delivery server. If you observe slow emails sending speed, then you should check this setting first and remove this limit.

To check this setting go to: Delivery Servers > Sever Settings > Select a delivery server, check and update speed setting.

What is the email sending limit of your email delivery server?

If the email delivery server which you are using has kept your outgoing email sending limit low, then from EasySendy Pro to your delivery server, the email sending speed will be low. So, check and confirm if you have any email sending speed limit at your delivery server account.

More Factors Influencing Email Sending Speed:

Here are few factors which can cause slow email sending from EasySendy Pro to your SMTP relay server:

There may be technical issues, which our team takes care in background. So, need not to worry!

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