You can send an email campaign to the subscribers who have opened or unopened your previous email campaign. This feature can be easily used after you designed an email template at end, during email campaign creation.

You can follow following step to make this feature work:

1. Duplicate the sent email campaign by clicking on the [cc] button which exist under the Campaigns from left menu.

2. Open the campaign in edit mode.

3. Go to “Setup” Page, click on “Show more options” appear after “Campaign options”.

4. Inside “Previous opened/unopened campaigns”, select the “Action” and the campaign.

5. Click on “Save” Changes.

6. Design the email template and then go to next screen after finalizing the email template.

7. Finally, send the email campaign.

Having above steps setup, EasySendy Pro will automatically start processing and sending emails from the applied setup.

This feature you can be used to increase email open rate up to 150%.

When you send an email campaign, and after it gets delivered to mailbox of your subscriber, then, they will either open or not open.

Followed by this, you check the campaign performance and get to know that, very few of the email subscribers have opened it, what about those who have not opened your email?

Well, there many be many reason, why many subscribers did not open your email. On top of the list is when subscriber has received email, they were busy or the time was not correct when they received your email.

So, giving a nudge to these email subscribers can be a good option to catch attention from them again and making them open the old email campaign.

Now, you might be wondering that, how we can make this email nudge work?

In order to make this work, Inside email template editor, during designing email campaign, at top, you should add a new personal message then, go to next screen, save and update all settings!

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