A/B Split test campaign is used to maximize the subscriber engagement by selecting the best campaign subject line out of the given subject lines in given email campaign.

How A/B Split Test Email Campaign Work:

  • A/B Split test campaign consists of two subjects Subject A and Subject B.
  • A/B Split test campaign divide the number of subscribers in list into 3 to the ratio of 1:1:2 (25%, 25%, 50%). First the campaign sends Subject A and Subject B to first 25% and next 25% of the subscribers respectively.
  • After the mentioned time the winner of two subjects has to be calculated automatically on the basis of opens or clicks.
  • Finally, the campaign is sent to last 50% of the subscriber then processed with the winner subject line.

How to create A/B Split Test email campaign:

1. Select “Create New A/B Campaigns” from “Create New Campaign” Page.

2. Give the to your campaign, select the list and click on Save and next.

3. Give the two different Subjects in Subject A and Subject B and proceed.

4. Select template creation option, create your campaign template and proceed.

5. On confirmation page select the criteria and how much time you want system to decide the winning subject out of two subjects and proceed with sending campaign.

6. In campaign overview page you can see three tabs “A Campaign Report”, “B Campaign Report” and Winner which display the report of the campaign separated on the basis of different subjects.

And the winner of two is shown in winner tab.

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