Segmentation enables to automatically generate a new segmented list inside the existing email list, where you can pre-define the email list segment based on different conditions. To segment the Subscribers based on subscribers custom tags, name and email ids you should follow the below-mentioned steps.

1. To create Subscriber Segment based on custom subscriber tags, first create an email list and go to the “Lists” option.

2. Select a List and click on “Custom Field” option, create a new custom field of your choice, under which you want to tag / segment a subscriber for the email list.


3. Go to the “Subscribers” option and fill the fields accordingly.

4. Now, Click on “Segment “ icon and select “Create New” option.


5. Choose Name (either user or as created in a custom field), operator match, field(which you have created in a custom field), and Value, followed by this click on “Save Change”. You can also see the matching segmented subscriber list while clicking on “Show Matching Subscriber” option.


6. Finally, save and start creating a new campaign according to the segmented subscriber list.

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