Number of times, you see that your campaigns have high bounce rate or see in your email campaigns / list, the majority of subscribers are being “Blacklisted” automatically without any reason or putting it in suppression list. So, to remove those subscribers from the blacklist and to make their status as “confirm” again, you should follow few of the steps; as mentioned below:

You can follow below steps to use Email Subscriber Filters after you already delivered few email campaigns and see that the subscribers are being blacklisted in your list:

1. You can go to > Lists > Subscribers Filters > Filters.


2. Now, you can filter all your subscriber from all your list, for this, you can choose the List Name, or you can also select from the last campaigns which you sent earlier and Status from (blacklisted).

3. From “Action” tab, present on the screen you can choose “Confirm“. After this, click on “Submit” button as shown in below screen.

4. Finally, you will see all the updated details from blacklisted to confirm appearing below the screen of the same page.

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