As a team, we want to extend premium support for our free EasySendy Pro users who need end-to-end help on Delivery Server Configuration and related setup process as an add-on of $19 one-time payment.

To get premium support from our support team; you should either give access to your setup screen or provide following information to our team so that they can help you better:

  1. DNS detail of the sending domain name
  2. Detail of the delivery server setup
  3. EasySendy Pro account access

Our team will help you to make following setup active on your EasySendy Pro and SMTP delivery server account:

  1. Configure Delivery Server and make it active
  2. Proper SPF, DKIM and DMARC setup
  3. Tracking domain setup inside EasySendy Pro account

To get this premium support in your account; you can drop a request here: or directly ping through chat and ask for premium support.

Note: Incase if you are sharing any credentials with team, you should change/ update your password to new accordingly after all setup completes.

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