We need to give power user access to Amazon SES as it provides an AWS Directory Service user or group with full access to AWS services and resources.

Poweruser is a normal role given to an individual who is not a programmer, but who is a specialist in business software.

Here, in below content you will come to know why exactly it is needed to give power user access to Amazon SES:

When you are adding Amazon SES SMTP relay server with EasySendy Pro application you need to add Amazon SES ( Simple Email Service ) service for sending emails and also EasySendy Pro needs to add webhook in your Amazon SNS ( Simple Notification Service ) account. Having added SNS properly enables EasySendy Pro app to control/communication bounce and complaint email feedbacks properly.

In order to configure EasySendy Pro app properly with your Amazon SES and SNS account, so that both systems can communicate flawlessly, EasySendy Pro need you to give PowerUser access in your Amazon IAM user account.

To use IAM user account, you also need a IAM user policy which is a document that explicitly defines permissions, and attach the policy to a user.

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