• Register / sign-up with Mandrill account
  • Add domain and DKIM and SPF Records
  • Verify email address of the domain in a Mandrill Account
  • Create API Password
  • Add Mandrill account in EasySendy Pro Delivery Server
  • Validate Delivery Server in EasySendy Pro account
  • Confirm bounce and complaint files are setup properly.

1. Login into Easysendy and go to servers.
2. Select Mandrill.


3. Enter name.


4. Login into Mandrill web dashboard

5. Go to Setting -> SMTP & API info.



6. Click on “Copy” for the field “SMTP Username”.


7. Go to Easysendy and paste for “Username”

8. Go to Mandrill and click on “+New API Key” button.


9. Enter description and click on “Create API Key” button.


10. Copy the “API Key” form the page.
11. Go to Easysendy and paste it for “Api Key” field.

12. Enter input for the below listed fields.
a. From Email
b. From Name
c. Probability

13. Go to Mandrill, go to Dashboard.
14. Get the mails per hour.


15. Save the changes.

16. Enter email id and click on “Validate Server” button.


17. Click on the email “Please validate the server”.


18. Click on the link.


19. The server is validated.


20. Go to Mandrill and click on “Sending Domains”’.


Add a domain name from which you want to send emails from. Verify the SPF and DKIM records on the added domain name. After this follow the next step-

21. Click on “Verify a Domain” button.


22. Enter email and click on “Send Verification Email” button.