It is very simple and easy to integrate WooCommerce plugin with EasySendy Pro. The plugin helps to create highly customizable forms by choosing predefined styles or creating your own style and define when it will be displayed.

To integrate WooCommerce plugin with EasySendy Pro, you need to have WordPress v 4.0 and above.

Follow below steps to integrate WooCommerce plugin with EasySendy Pro:

1. Register and Login to your EasySendy Pro account.
2. Download the EasySendy Pro plugin for WooCommerce newsletter from here.
3. Login to your WordPress hosted website in admin mode.
4. Install the downloaded plugin, click on Plugins > Add New > Upload plugin > Browse the file > Install.

5. After installing WooCommerce plugin, you will get an option to activate the plugin, click on “Activate” and then you will see an WooCommerce Plugin on the left panel of the screen.

6. Go to WooCommerce > Settings > Integration tab, Select the check box for “Enable Newsletter”.

7.Select the “Newsletter type” and “Subscriber event”.
8. Now you have to fill the API key from EasySendy Dashboard, so copy the “API Key (Public key)” from EasySendy Pro Dashboard (as shown below).

9. Now choose a list of the subscriber from EasySendy Pro for that particular pop-up widget; where emails captured from widget will be collected and passed to the selected Pro email list.

10. Now, fill all the required fields accordingly such as “Opt-in Checkbox default status” and “Opt-in checkbox display status” and click on “Save details”.

11. Now the integration of WooCommerce with EasySendy Pro is completed and ready to use.