It is very simple and easy to integrate Thrive Automator plugin with EasySendy Pro. The plugin helps to create auto responders and define when it will be triggered.

To integrate Thrive Automator plugin with EasySendy Pro, you need to have WordPress v 4.0 and above.

Follow below steps to integrate Thrive Automator plugin with EasySendy Pro:

1. Register and Login to your EasySendy Pro account.

2. Login to your WordPress hosted website in admin mode.

3. Install the Thrive Themes plugin, click on Plugins > Add New > Thrive themes > Install.

4. After installing Thrive themes plugin, you will get an option to activate the plugin, click on “Activate” and then you will see an Easysendy for thrive themes plugin on the left panel of the screen.

5. Choose Easysendy for thrive themes option in left menu and add your Easysendy Client ID and API key.

6. After adding Client ID and API key choose Connect and Test connection, Then you can able to see the Connected status.

7. Click on Start now option as show in picture.

8. Download Thrive product manager by choosing Click here to download.

9. After downloaded Thrive product manager Click on choose file in 2nd step and upload the downloaded Thrive product manager file and click on install.

10. Activate the installed file by choosing Click here to activate.

11. Choose Thrive Dashboard in left menu and choose Automator Dashboard.

12. Choose Create your first automation.

13. Choose as WordPress in Trigger field.

14. Under WordPress choose as User leaves comment.

15. Click on “+” icon and choose as Email

16. Under email section choose as Add user in Autoresponder.

17. Choose as Easysendy in Autoresponder option, And add your list and choose Option based on your requirements.

18. Enable Active on top right corner and click on Save and Finish.

19. Now the integration of  Thrive Automator with EasySendy Pro is completed and ready to use.

20. Now you can able to see the commented users inside Easysendy list.

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