Before you decide to send an email campaign, you can easily test your email campaign template. You can send a test email on your email address and could see how the email template look like.

Based on this you can re-edit and update your email template again.

1. For this option to come, you first need to save this email template. For this, click on “Save Template Changes” button which come at bottom right of the email template design page.

2. Test email template button option come when you are at email template design step, just before the confirmation step, during email campaign design.

3. After this, inside the new Pop-up, add all the Recipient(s), where you need to send the email template for a review.


  • if multiple recipients, separate the email addresses by a comma.
  • the email tags will be parsed and we will pick a random subscriber to impersonate.
  • the tracking will not be enabled.
  • make sure you save the template changes before you send the test.

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