Sometimes it happens that your campaigns may get stuck at some level and it shows either “Pending-sending” or “Processing“.

To resolve this issue here is few steps which you can perform following steps to resume email campaign sending:

  1. Go to Campaigns > Regular Campaign / Autoresponder Campaign > Select the stuck campaign > Click on “Pause” icon; from right side of the campaign page.
  2. After you pause the campaign, click on “Edit” option, then on next screed save and go to next.
  3. On the second screen under “update the delivery server“, check the active delivery server through which you want to deliver the emails and then click on “save changes”; finally save all the campaign setup.
    Note: Your campaign will be in the pause mode only, and it will not effect the current sending “Template” unless/untill you make any changes.
  4. Now, you can see that your campaigns start sending from the same stuck state.

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