The updated version of EasySendyPro added a new feature which permits checking of you email mailbox through IMAP/POP3 records to identify/ read email replies and take actions to unsubscribe or blacklist or unconfirm or delete or move/ copy email subscribers to a list.

You can configure conditions so that, while EasySendy Pro processes the email reply found in your account, it will undertake certain activities in the event that it finds certain content. For instance, you can instruct it to unsubscribe the subscriber if they find a phrase consisting of “unsubscribe” me.

This feature is extremely valuable when individuals reply to your email campaigns and instruct you to unsubscribe them. Hence you end up saving profitable time since the procedure can be automated.

Configure Monitored Email Mailbox:

1. Go to “Delivery Servers” from left menu then, “Email Box Monitors” option and create a new server. You will find following options to setup:

2. After filling above detail, you can add “Defined Conditions” and under that you can configure the actions to be done after reading the mailbox. You can add more than 1 action.

Common Mailbox IMAP setting:

You can find above configuration settings from your mailbox provider; you need to refer IMAP condiguration document. You can find IMAP setting from some of the common mailbox providers from here.


Hostname: The hostname of your IMAP/POP3 email mailbox server.

Username: This is the username of your IMAP/POP3 server, usually something like

Password: The password of your IMAP/POP3 email mailbox server, used in combination with your username to authenticate your request.

Email: Only if your login username to this server is not an email address. If left empty, the username will be used.

Port: The port of your IMAP/POP3 server, usually for IMAP this is 143 and for POP3 it is 110. If you are using SSL, then the port for IMAP is 993 and for POP3 it is 995.

Protocol: The security protocol used to access this server. If unsure, select NOTLS.

Validate SSL: When using SSL/TLS, whether to validate the certificate or not.

Search charset: Search charset, defaults to UTF-8 but might require to leave empty for some servers or explictly use US-ASCII.

Disable authenticator: If in order to establish the connection you need to disable an authenticator, you can type it here. I.E: GSSAPI.

Delete all messages: By default only messages related to the application are deleted. If this is enabled, all messages from the box will be deleted.

How to identify subscribers: Subscriber UID means we will only identify subscribers who reply to a certain email campaign thus subscribers in a particular list. Email address means we will match subscribers with the given email address in all lists.

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