You can use Dynamic Custom Field Tags inside email lists, custom fields for your email subscribers. Using this feature you can score your subscribers based on their email open and click activities. Further to this, you would be able to create effective email marketing strategy to engage more with existing subscribers who are doing more actions with your emails over time.

Most common dynamic custom field tags are listed below:

Dynamic Custom Field Tags Required
[INCREMENT_BY_X] Increment the value by X where X is an integer
[DECREMENT_BY_X] Decrement the value by X where X is an integer
[MULTIPLY_BY_X] Multiply the value by X where X is an integer
[DATETIME] Set current date and time, in Y-m-d H:i:s format
[DATE] Set current date, in Y-m-d format
[IP_ADDRESS] Set the current IP address
[USER_AGENT] Set the current User Agent string


How to Grade and Score your Subscribers with Dynamic Custom Field Tags:

  1. Add a custom field inside you subscriber email list where you plan to score or grade your email subscribers. Goto List > Select your list > select “Custom Field”.
  2. Scroll down and click on “Add text field”.

3. Save the new custom field.

4. Next to this step, start creating an email campaign and follow this guide to configure dynamic field tags for email open and email click actions by the subscribers.

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