1.Login to EasySendy account.

2. Go to Servers on the left menu and click on “Warmup Plans“.

3. Click on “Create new“.

4. Create the your first warmup plan based on below flow.

a) Name: The name of “Warmup plan” is required to be attached for your email delivery server(SMTP).

b) Sending Count(Warmup Count): How many Sending/warmup count you want to apply  based on “Hourly/Daily/Monthly”.

c) Sending limit type: There are 2 types of sending limit options called ” Total & Targeted“.

Total: While choosing the total category we are targeting all subscribers at one time.

Targeted: While choosing the targeted subscribers, only the targeted subscribers will be used for your email delivery  based on “Hourly/Daily/Monthly“.

d) Warmup Quota(Sending Quota): You can choose the warmup process based on “Hourly/Daily/Monthly”.

e) Warmup Strategy(Sending Strategy):  We do have 2 types of strategy in the warmup plans.

      Linear & Exponential: The warmup plan sending strategy can be exponential or incremental. For incremental, we will be using ratio between sending limit(warmup limit) and sending count(warmup count) to calculate the growth factor. Depending on the sending limit type chosen, we can maximize the value of growth factor per sending( for total) or the growth factor added to the previous sending value(for targeted).


5. Once your warmup plan was saved, you need to “Activate plan” by clicking on “OK” button.

6. Go to delivery servers and click on update button for any existing server and then attach the warmup plan.

7. Once the warmup plan of your email delivery server is attached, click on the” Save Changes” and the warmup plan will be activated for that server.



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