EasySendy Pro has various email sending speed settings available under different paid plans. You can adjust the plans accordingly to get the desired email sending speed with your EasySendy Pro plan.

The email sending speed of your EasySendy Pro plan is the overall email sending speed you get from your EasySendy Pro application to your configured SMTP email delivery server. There after the final mailbox delivery speed depend on the SMTP relay server which you have configured to use.

The SMTP relay server offers different email sending speed for each of their customers. So, the final email sending speed depends on your SMTP relay server. Generally, when you start using any SMTP relay server, they start with very small email sending speed, after few weeks, looking at your email sending reputation, they either go ahead increasing your email sending speed automatically or, they wait for your request to increase email sending speed of your account.

For example – If you are under 15 email per second plan at EasySendy Pro and you are using fresh Amazon SES SMTP delivery server, which allows to send email at 5 emails per second then, EasySendy Pro automatically send email to your SES server at 5 emails per second only. So, overall email sending speed will be only 5 emails per second from your final delivery server – Amazon SES.
Whereas in some cases, your emails will get under queue / backlog of SMTP relay service provider if emails are sent to them at higher email speed than what they support for outgoing emails. If this is the case then, your EasySendy Pro account will show the campaign has been delivered and you will get very few email open rate.

Intermediate Pause in Email sending speed:

Technically, our system is designed to send a maximum of 120 emails per second to the SMTP delivery servers. This means, it can easily send 1 million emails in 2.4 hours. But, due to acceptance confirmation limit at email delivery servers, we need to pause the email sending for 1-2 seconds each 10 second after sending the recurring batch of email campaigns to the SMTP delivery servers. This intermediate pause add on more time to each batch process and overall it take more time to deliver email campaigns to the SMTP delivery server.

Parallel Email Campaign Sending:

This is the case when you start sending parallel email campaign through EasySendy Pro application. In this case your account’s overall email sending speed will get divided along the number of email campaigns you are sending at once.

For example, if you are under 15 email per second plan at EasySendy Pro and you are sending 3 email campaigns in parallel then, this 15 emails per second speed will be divided among 3 of your processing campaigns.

Parallel use of SMTP Relays:

Under this case, you can divide and define the email sending speed and probability of sending emails through each of the multiple delivery server configurations. These settings can be found under Delivery server setting of each SMTP relay server of your EasySendy Pro dashboard.

Again, if you are sending an email campaign through multiple SMTP relay server then, your EasySendy Pro account email sending speed limit will be divided among the used delivery servers accordingly, or will follow the defined set of rule from your end inside delivery server configuration.

A note before you upgrade to higher speed plan:

Now you know how the email sending speed works with EasySendy Pro paid plans. So, before you plan to upgrade to higher speed plans of EasySendy Pro, you should first confirm from your SMTP relay service provider, what speed can they send your outgoing emails to final mailbox of your subscriber.

Factors Influencing Email Sending Speed:

Here are few factors which can cause slow email sending from EasySendy Pro to your SMTP relay server:

  • Overall email template size if the email campaign you are sending ( ideal should be 10-15 Kb )
  • Sending email to huge email list at once ( sometime, even this can be a reason for slow email sending speed )

There may be technical issues, which our team takes care in background. So, no need to worry!