Once logged in, your Dashboard will be displayed.


A. Dashboard Title Bar

The Title Bar at the top of the Dashboard is for quick links and your account settings.


1. Easysendy Pro icon is simply a ‘home’ link, available on any page to take you back to the Dashboard.

2. Collapse icon‘hides’ the left menu to give you more workspace in the main body.

3. Account Usage icon gives you a quick summary of your Lists, Campaigns and Subscribers.

  • Sending quota
  • Lists
  • Campaigns
  • Subscribers



4. Your name in the upper right has two links, one to your ‘My Account’ settings and the other ‘Logout’.


a. Logout– It is important that if you are using an office computer or a public computer that you log out of your account or your account profile – email, password and other private information such as all customer information would be at risk.

b. My Account– Has two tabs, each are very important information that is used for your templates and the Campaigns you create. Without some of this information, you will not be able to finish building a campaign, which goes without saying, you will not be able to send a campaign.

i. Profile tab– Includes First name, Last name, Email, Password, Timezone, Language and a Browse button so that you can upload an image of yourself. You must use your email address and assigned password that matches your email password.


ii. Company tab– Includes company name. Company information are those items that will be auto-filled in your templates if you use ‘tags’. (More on that later in this manual.)

Company address items that are required are designated with an *. For company phone, it could be your direct contact number, whether it is a cellphone or landline, if you are an independent contractor (such as a real estate agent). As will be explained, the information in the templates can be changed by you.



B. Dashboard Summary Areas

Under the Title Bar the Dashboard contains 7 summary areas:

1. At a glance

a. Campaigns
b. Lists
c. Segments
d. Subscribers
e. Templates
f. API Keys

Each ‘glance box’ is a link to view, search, modify and create that area. (For example, if you have sent out 20 campaigns, you will be able to use the headers to search a campaign, click on that campaign to view and if it has not been sent, to modify it.)


The remaining summary areas allows you to quickly view all current activity with respect to what you recently did, Subscriber, List, Campaign and Unsubscribe growth as your activities with each expands and a quick view on Delivery vs. Bounces.

Delivery are those emails that reached their destination, whether unopened or not. Bounces are those email
addresses which were unable to be delivered. There are many reasons for this – the email address is no longer valid, the server was down, etc. Bounce emails are acceptable to a certain rate within your lists.

If you have a bounce rate of more than 3-4%, you must remove those email addresses that are not reaching
their destination or you can become blacklisted and it will harm your ability to reach those email addresses that are valid. It is imperative that you protect your own lists or it could harm your own business!

2. Recent activity
3. Subscribers growth
4. Lists growth
5. Campaigns growth
6. Delivery vs Bounces
7. Unsubscribe growth

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