Before you decide to send an email campaign, you can easily divide the delivery server of your choice through which you want your campaigns to be delivered / sent, which will help you to increase the deliverability rate of campaigns.

Here, in very easy steps you can set the probability of emails to be delivered through different delivery servers if you have more than 1 delivery server. Follow the steps to divide and deliver email campaigns through delivery servers:

1. Go to Delivery Server > Server Settings > Select delivery server (accordingly which you want ) > Probability and save the 1st delivery server setting.


2. Now setup Probability for next delivery server which you can keep to 50%; since you are using only 2 delivery server in this case.

Note: After saving the setup you should activate both the delivery servers.

Note: A lower probability means a lower sending rate to campaigns through the particular delivery sever.

3. Now, Create a Campaign and at the second setup step ( see below screenshot ) choose both the delivery server through which you want your campaigns to be sent.


Finally, when you will send email campaign then, the email campaign will be divided and delivered with 50% probability across 2 selected delivery servers.

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