Sometime during configuration of Amazon SES delivery server with EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) account, Subscription topic is missed out due to insufficient privileges on given IAM account. This issue cause broken bounce and complaint notifications inside EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro).

To fix this issue, follow these steps.

1. Goto Delivery Servers > Server Settings > Open Amazon SES delivery server in edit mode.
2. Get delivery server id from the address bar of web browser. For example here it is xxx


3. Now open your Amazon AWS account and to Amazon SNS in the selected Amazon region.

4. Goto “Topics” from left panel and select “MWZSESHANDLER” from center screen, then, goto Actions > Subscribe to topic.


5. Inside new pop-up, select HTTPS from Protocol, and inside endpoint add URL: and click Create Subscription button.

Note: In above endpoint URL, xxx should be a number.


Now you are subscribed to topic. You can confirm this from “Subscriptions” menu appearing at left panel of Amazon SNS.