Inside EasySendy Pro, you can build Autoresponder email sequence trigger along various activities in an email list:

  • Upon email list subscription
  • Upon email campaign open
  • Upon email list import

In this guide, we will see how you can create Autoresponder email sequence and trigger the same after email list import. Follow the guide to create autoresponder email sequence of 4 emails; step by step:

1. First create an email list on which you want to send an email campaign.


2. Go to “Create new campaign” from EasySendy Pro dashboard and select “Create New Autoresponder Campaigns“, fill in all the required detail and build email template, save the template and go to last stage.


3. At last screen you can select “Activate at” time; you should let this time to be default. Select Autoresponder event to “AFTER-SUBSCRIBE” then, add Autoresponder time value of your choice and time unit to day / minute / hour. Finally select “Include imported subscribers” to Yes and save the template. This will create 1st autoresponder email template.


4. Similarly, create 2nd, 3rd and 4th autoresponder email campaigns on same email list and select “Activate at” time to be same as 1st email campaign, then select “Include imported subscribers” to Yes in all email campaign design.


5. Now you should start importing your email subscribers inside an email list on which you want to run the email campaign. You can follow this guide to import email list.

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