With the new launch of Aritic Mail SMTP, it has bought amusing features, to get the whole delivery report at one point. Inside Aritic Mail SMTP report you will get to know your current email sending speed, bounces, billing, delivery of campaigns etc status at one glance.

You will be able to check these statuses under “Aritic Mail SMTP Reports”. Go to EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) Dashboard > Aritic Mail SMTP > Reports.

Note: You will see these report once you have successfully started using Atiticmailmta SMTP inside EasySendy Drip (or EasySendy Pro) app.
Here you will get the following blocks about the report such as quota, speed, billing, etc.

Below is the detail for above show blocks in Aritic Mail SMTP report:

  • Quota – It specifies about the sending email quota which you have purchased under “Aritic Mail SMTP” Price plan.
  • Speed – It specifies about the sending speed of email campaign according to your Aritic Mail SMTP delivery server email sending reputation.
  • Bill to pay – This is the amount of bill you have to pay after you have crossed free email sending limit of Aritic Mail SMTP.
  • Total Sent – It gives you the status of total emails sent through Aritic Mail SMTP.
  • Delivered – Here you will get the detail about the percentage of emails get delivered.
  • Failure – The number of emails with connection issue between Aritic Mail SMTP and Mailbox.
  • Rejected – The number of emails failed to get delivered to mailbox due to wrong email id, bad email sending reputation and so on.
  • Hard Bounce – The total number of emails with hard bounce; if the emails used are not valid.
  • Soft Bounce – The total number of emails with the soft bounce.
  • Select Number of Days – By selecting the number of days you will get the detail Aritic Mail SMTP report within those days, you can check the details up to 10 days and reports will appear as per below image.