It may happen that you are not receiving the EasySendy Pro server validation email from your Amazon SES setup page at EasySendy Pro.

If this is the case put your observation on following points:

Did you give “Power User Access” to your Amazon SES account?
Solution: You can cross verify and follow this step again.

Do you have Amazon SES Production access in order to send emails?
Solution: Follow this guide to get Amazon SES production access, in case you have only Sandbox access in your selected region where you verified your sending email address and configured the same region in EasySendy Pro server setup.

Are the region on your Amazon SES account and selected region in EasySendy Pro Amazon SES setting are same?
Solution: Do cross check this in your Amazon SES account and your Amazon SES region setting in EasySendy Pro delivery server.

Did you verify your email sending from email address in your Amazon SES account?
Solution: This is also most important check, you need to have verified an email address in your Amazon SES account in order to send outgoing emails from your EasySendy Pro account.

Even if none of the solution works, do cross check:
IAM user name and password are intact and same at your Aamzon IAM panel, check these steps.
Did you check your email spam/ junk folder at your mailbox?

Even if above settings are well in place and everything looks good, and validation – activation of Amazon SES server doesnot happen then, feel free to create a support ticket from your EasySendy Pro Dashboard.