For advanced EasySendy Pro users, above 10,000 subscribers, we give facility to add tracking domain. Tracking domain gives ability to the user to add their own tracking domain name which appear as link inside the email content body.

By default, without this setting all the hyperlinks inside email content body look like,**** or**** or**** and so on. Although, this is rarely observed inside the email body by subscribers who are receiving emails. But, many a times, large email campaign organizers like to have their own tracking domain link inside the email body content. After you have configured tracking domain correctly, your hyperlink inside the email body will look like,****.

How to add a tracking domain:

  1. From Dashboard left menu, select “Delivery server” then “Tracking Domain“.
  2. Click “Create New” button and on next screen, add a subdomain with format ““.
  3. Finally, add a DNS CNAME record for subdomain “” and point it to or or and so on.

PS: Currently, EasySendy Pro accept tracking domain of format “” only.

Activate Tracking Domain:

After you have added tracking domain correctly, you should activate this Tracking domain setting from your SMTP delivery page. Then, the changes will take place.

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