If your delivery server need extra headers in order to make the delivery, you can add additional headers to your out going emails.

You can also add extra headers, in cases you want to add unsubscribe links in your header too.

Inorder to add additional headers, follow this step:

  1. Go to “Delivery Server” settings page from left dashboard menu.
  2. Add delivery server of your choice.
  3. Scroll down and Click on “Add new header” button under “Additional headers” section.
  4. Add “Header name”, “Header value” properly and save the setting.

Following dynamic tags will be parsed depending on context: [CAMPAIGN_UID], [SUBSCRIBER_UID], [SUBSCRIBER_EMAIL]

Note: If a header is not in the correct format or if it is part of the restricted headers, it will not be added.
Note: Use this with caution and only if you know what you are doing, wrong headers can make your email delivery fail.

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