You can route outgoing emails mailbox through one delivery server and from a different server, while delivering the emails.

This setup can be found under Delivery Server Setup and can add the domain policies accordingly.

Go to Delivery Servers > Server Settings > Create new server or edit existing server.

Below the delivery server configuration, you can find “Domain Policies” box, there you can add domain of your choice for a particular delivery server.


Domain based routing of emails are required in following cases and setting can be done accordingly:

  • If your delivery server cannot send emails to certain domains, or it can only send to a small list of domains, you can add domain policies to reflect this.
  • If you want to send emails only to but deny for any other domain, you will need a allow policy for the domain and a deny policy on domain *
  • If you want to send to all domains except yahoo, then a deny policy on yahoo domain is enough.
  • If you want a policy for all yahoo emails, including,, etc you can simply enter “yahoo” as policy domain.

Note: The sign * acts as a policy wildcard matching any domain. A domain of domain*.com or * has no effect.

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