In this article, you’ll learn how to Activate QuickEmailVerification Integration with EasySendy Pro.

Register/sign-up with QuickEmailVerification account.

1. Go to the login page of QuickEmailVerification.

2. Go to “API settings” in the left menu and click on “Add API key”.

3. After creating the API key click on show API KEY

4. Copy the API key once it created.

5. Now go to the EasySendy account and log in.

6. Go to the “Email verification” option in the left menu and choose the “Providers” option.

7. Choose the email verification provider as “QuickEmailVerification” and choose view settings.

8. Now you can able to see the settings for QuickEmailVerification providers.

9. Enable the QuickEmailVerification provider as YES, as shown in the screenshot.

10.Then add the copied API key and choose the “check zones” when exactly you want to run the email validation and click on “Save changes“.

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